The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training: improving services for people with Autism and learning disabilities

June, 30 2023 | 9:30 AM BST (90mins)

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About this webinar

Join our upcoming webinar, presented by Paula McGowan, a multi award-winning activist who has dedicated her life to campaigning for equality of Health and Social Care for intellectually disabled or autistic people.

As part of the CHS Healthcare webinar series, this highly anticipated live discussion will offer invaluable insight into The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training, as Paula speaks about her son Oliver and her campaign to enable the health and care workforce in England to better support people with a learning disability and autism.

This webinar will highlight the importance of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training, including how it relates to LeDer, and is the government’s preferred and recommended training for health and social care staff.

We will be joined by Paula McGowan, OBE, and Philippa Spicer, Health Education England Senior Responsible Officer for Learning Disability and Autism and Transition Director. Following the untimely death of her youngest child Oliver, Paula has dedicated her life to campaigning for better health care for people who have autism and learning disabilities.

In July 2022, Paula’s campaigning led to the Health and Care Act 2022 introducing a new requirement. From that point on, all regulated service providers must ensure their staff receive training on learning disability and autism which is appropriate to the person’s role.   During this webinar, Paula will tell Oliver’s story and discuss the importance of this training.

The webinar will be facilitated by CHS Healthcare. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and engage in this pertinent discussion - we'd love for you to join.

Together we can prevent the many avoidable deaths like Oliver’s from happening again.

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  • Paula McGowan

  • Philippa Spicer

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