Continuing healthcare:

Data management and control

Strong systems of data management and control are essential in continuing healthcare, otherwise spend will be uncontrolled, visibility of patients and processes poor.

We have a long track record in this field, commencing the development of software for continuing healthcare management in 2002. Ever since, we have continuously refined and improved software platforms to meet the needs of our NHS users; their growing requirements for reporting, auditing and compliance.

We provide two high quality and well-regarded products: Caretrack and BroadCare. Both are widely commissioned by clinical commissioning groups across the country and supported by their own in-house support teams, directly available at all times during office hours to provide help and guidance. Users of both BroadCare and Caretrack attend regular forums to share experiences and discuss changing needs.

Both products benefit from sitting within a company which also has the largest independent division in continuing healthcare, delivering services, consultancy and education. More detailed information about BroadCare is available here and more information about Caretrack is available here.

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