Continuing healthcare:

Data management and control

Strong systems of data management and control are essential in continuing healthcare, otherwise spend will be uncontrolled, visibility of patients and processes poor.

We have a long established and continuously developed database, Caretrack for all continuing healthcare and complex information. We also offer enhanced services, in combination with Caretrack, to optimise your data management and control.

About Caretrack

  • Holds 200 reporting fields, to collect and store every report and item of information relating to patients with continuing healthcare, funded nursing care and complex care.
  • Caretrack is a web-based system, so staff can input on the database when working remotely wherever they have internet access
  • The database is fully secure and GDPR compliant. There are different levels of access, so staff only see the information relevant to their role
  • There are no hardware requirements for your trust, nor any requirement for integration with other local software systems
  • Your staff will be supported by the Caretrack Help Desk team: in-house specialists who can be contacted directly during all working hours, Monday to Friday

Control, quality and savings

  • Caretrack is a highly intuitive and user friendly, including for people with minimal IT skills and training. This is very important because your data quality depends on your staff being competent and confident with your database.
  • The reporting capacity of Caretrack is recognised as being a key strength and is essential, with all CCGs facing considerable reporting requirements.
  • There is capacity for 66 different types of report which can be run on Caretrack, easily and quickly, including ad hoc reports to meet individual requirements.
  • High data quality and control are known to produce very significant savings: we have consistently achieved savings of five per cent of annual domiciliary care budgets by verifying invoices against actual care provided
  • Caretrack will support your CCG to meet new Quality Framework requirements: key chronological points are monitored (checklist to DST within 28 days, reviews at three and 12 months) and reminders set to support your operational management of patients

In addition to commissioning Caretrack, enhanced services encompass:

  • Data cleanse of all your patient records before they are migrated to Caretrack to ensure all records are 100 per cent accurate
  • We can undertake payment of invoices to care providers
  • We can undertake checks with care providers to ensure invoices match the care delivered. This results in very significant savings (approximately five per cent of annual domiciliary care spend). There are often variations in care delivered, compared with invoices issued and without robust data and management, overpayment occurs

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