Hospital discharge:

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Trusted Assessor to support hospital discharge

We provide a Trusted Assessor service to support hospital discharge by undertaking an independent, recognised single assessment.

A Trusted Assessor carries out assessments of hospital patients on behalf of care homes, who need to consider what the patient’s needs are and whether they would be able to meet those needs.

One of the main causes of delay to hospital discharge is the time taken by care homes to carry out assessments of individuals who are in hospital and are transferring out into 24-hour care. The hospital may be a distance from the care home location and care providers may find it difficult, with staffing pressures, to travel to hospital to carry out their own assessment within a short timescale.

The Trusted Assessor Model is based on having a dedicated person, trusted by care homes and all agencies, who is wholly focused on carrying out hospital-based assessments, covering a number of acute services locations.

We are currently commissioned by Walsall Council in the West Midlands to provide a Trusted Assessor Service.

We have a long track record of working with both hospitals and care homes and equally, in our clinical services division, we employ many experienced nurse assessors.

We have developed and piloted a specific Trusted Assessors tool, encompassing all the information needed by care homes when considering an admission: mental capacity, behavior, physical and social needs.

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