Autism and ADHD assessments: The role of partnerships to reduce waiting lists

April, 13 2023 | 1 hour

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ADHD and autism assessment services in the UK are in crisis. Without urgent action, the impact on patients and families will be enormous, leading to a further stretched healthcare system. Over the past few weeks, we have worked with The Brain Charity and The Donaldson Trust to bring this issue into stark focus.

As part of this campaign we had an important discussion about how partnerships can support Autism and ADHD assessments in helping reduce waiting lists. We were joined by Laura Watkins, CEO of The Donaldson Trust and Chris Beaumont, Children's Project Coordinator at The Brain Charity. The session was facilitated by Seb Stewart, Service Development Director, CHS Healthcare.

The following discussion points were addressed:

- Urgency - without action the situation will not improve and people waiting will continue to suffer

- The need for public/ private partnerships of expertise across the system to increase capacity to meet the demand for ASD or ADHD assessments

- The role of remote assessments and how this can accelerate waiting times while maintaining quality and patient safety

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  • Sebastian Stewart

    CHS Healthcare

  • Laura Watkins

    CEO of The Donaldson Trust

  • Chris Beaumont

    Children's Project Coordinator at The Brain Charity

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