Section 117 reviews

Outdated section 117 care plans can impact the user experience, as well as your resource availability and cost.

CHS Healthcare, part of Acacium Group, has developed a comprehensive assessment service to ensure your plans are up to date and supporting individuals effectively.

Acting as a trusted, independent partner, our service ensures that the individual’s needs are met and that the cost of delivery is shared equitably.

We support ICS’s, NHS trusts, and local authorities review existing section 117 care plans and ensure they:

Offer effective use of resources
Remain relevant and aligned to the clinical need
We often start this review process by tackling out of area placements
We are one of England’s largest providers of operational support for NHS continuing healthcare, working with over 130 hospitals across the UK.
Section 117 care plan reviews

The value we provide and the service we offer enables you to have confidence that:

All individuals are safe, receiving the highest levels of compassionate care
Costs are reduced and shared equitably - procurement against the care plan is reviewed
Resources are used to best effect - they are appropriate to current clinical needs of the individual
Mechanisms are in place to bring out-of-area patients home as soon as possible
We have been entrusted with supporting Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and Swansea Bay University Health Board carrying out section 117 assessment reviews.
Our experienced clinicians review for; safety and welfare of the individual, continued relevance of the care package provided to meet assessed need, commissioning and contracting arrangements, the proportionate contribution of stakeholders, the correct funding stream, ongoing eligibility to NHS funded care, engagement with Care Coordinators, engagement with families and / or representatives. These are often supplemented with an ‘out of area’ placement review to ensure that the individual has the right level of support and that, wherever possible, it is being delivered close to home. CHS Healthcare, part of Acacium Group is the largest provider of these, independent, clinically focused, services to both NHS commissioners and to local authorities.  
Why us?
For the individual
  • Access to the right care and support package
  • A quicker return home for out of area placements
For health and care providers
  • Resource freed up for re-use
  • Fewer out or area placements are required
  • Patient flow is accelerated
For the commissioners
  • Proactive cost management
  • An equitable share of costs
  • Better value for money
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