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CHS Track: Person centred care co-ordination for discharge to assess

About CHS Track

CHS Track is a database we designed specifically for the discharge to assess (D2A) model. It provides person-centred care co-ordination, tracking the patient rather than being based on a single care location or service. Because the D2A pathway can include home, community hospital beds and nursing home beds, it is critical to have person centred care co-ordination and full visibility of each patient at every stage. Otherwise, there is a risk of patients becoming ‘stuck’ within D2A, waiting for an assessment or action to take place.

“The unique benefit of CHS Track is the visibility of each patient it provides, regardless of where their care is being delivered. This is a critical tool for person centred care co-ordination to support patient flow in D2A.”

Dr Richard Newland, chief executive, CHS Healthcare

CHS Track features:

  • A secure, web-based system, enabling staff working in different locations to use and see the database
  • A user-friendly system that follows the same principles as a Windows application
  • There are different access levels, so staff can only see the information they need, and the system is compliant with data protection
  • Reporting from CHS Track is simple and quick: choose your parameters and all information drops into excel spreadsheets

How CHS Track provides person-centred care co-ordination:

  • The capacity to record and track the multiple assessments required in D2A is built in: continuing healthcare (CHC) checklist and decision support tool (DST), social services assessment, physiotherapy and occupational assessments and sessions
  • This means delays can be quickly and easily identified, for example, a delay in a specific assessment taking place
  • Reminders can be set for each assessment/action required to prompt actions and reduce the risk of delays
  • CHS Track is designed for every model of D2A including pathways that include reablement
  • Capacity to record and track: bed occupancy, length of stay, hospital readmission rate, time taken for therapy and social work assessments, end destination

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