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Mental Health

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Mental Health Services

Despite large allocations of funding over the years, mental health services are in disrepair and doing ‘more of the same’ doesn’t seem to be working.

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Hospital discharge


Supporting families making care choices

Our service is proven to reduce delays to hospital discharge by providing high-quality support for families who need to make care choices.

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Care co-ordination for discharge home

Our service is proven to reduce delays to hospital discharge by coordinating care and support required for a patient to return to their own home.

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All models of discharge to assess

We have extensive national experience of establishing and managing all pathways of discharge to assess.

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Continuing healthcare


Operational delivery

We have provided operational services in continuing healthcare and complex care for many years, with a proven track record for expertise, control and consistency.

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Data management and control

Strong systems of data management and control are essential in continuing healthcare, otherwise spend will be uncontrolled, visibility of patients and processes poor.

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