July 19, 2016

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CHS Healthcare manages the whole continuing healthcare service for NHS Wandsworth CCG

We have been commissioned to run the whole of continuing healthcare service for NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

CHS Healthcare have longstanding expertise in the field of continuing healthcare, having developed Caretrack in 2006, the bespoke database for all continuing healthcare information. We are also one of the country’s largest providers of retrospective continuing healthcare claims management.

Now in NHS Wandsworth CCG, from April 2016, we have been managing all the different parts of continuing healthcare in a single, cohesive service.

“There is a very significant advantage in managing continuing healthcare in this fully cohesive way,” comments Harry Bourton of CHS Healthcare, who is leading the service.

“We have decades of experience in this field and we have worked with more than 40 clinical commissioning groups throughout the country.

“We have seen the impact of delays within the system, when, for example, there is a shortage of nurse assessors so patients are stuck in inappropriate parts of health system waiting for a checklist or other nurse assessment.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to bring all the elements of the continuing healthcare pathway under one system, introducing our flexible 24/7 working and rigorous performance management.”

The CHS Healthcare team in NHS Wandsworth CCG include experienced nurse assessors, carrying out initial continuing healthcare checklists, funded nursing care assessments and Decision Support Tool (DST).

Like CHS advisers, they work flexibly, covering weekends and evenings, which are often more convenient for family involvement and significantly reduce delays. CHS Healthcare’s clinical work is led by Art Calder, who is nationally recognised for his expertise in continuing healthcare.

The pathway through assessment is closely managed to ensure patients reach the right care destination without unnecessary delays.

The team in NHS Wandsworth CCG use the  Caretrack database to record all information on each patient. Caretrack recently received 100 per cent satisfaction for customer services and support in a survey of existing users.

“We are very pleased to be working in partnership with NHS Wandsworth CCG,” says Mr Bourton. “With all the different clinical and management competencies and experience we have at CHS Healthcare, it is a logical step for us to oversee continuing healthcare as a whole and we are delighted to provide this new service.”

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