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July 20, 2018

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Inspiring Employee Development Programme Launched

An innovative and inspiring Employee Development Programme has been established by the clinical services team in Stoke.

The programme features protected training sessions every week, close links with local colleges and personalised development for every member of staff.

It has been devised by Jody Warren, who has completed the Edward Jenner Programme, the NHS benchmark foundation for leadership.

Jody explains: “From the start in clinical services, the principle of employee development was deeply embedded, as many people start in the medical administrator role, build their skills then move on to the medical assistant role.

“Because of the work that we do, which involves applying the right skill to the right part of every process, we have always recognised the value of employee development and ‘growing our own’ skilled staff.

“This Employee Development Programme creates a supportive and clear structure to enable every member of staff has the opportunity to build their skills and see the bigger picture in terms of their strengths and future roles.”

Every Wednesday during the working day, staff can undertake an hour of protected learning and training. Many use this time to work on nationally accredited courses which can be taken online. This is staggered throughout the day, so operations are not disrupted but everyone has protected training time every week.

The Employee Development Programme has been developed by the clinical services team based in Stoke, Staffordshire, but will be extended across the whole of the CHS Healthcare clinical services team nationally.

Staff are guided to a wide variety of recognised courses and additionally, there are close links with the local college. This means staff can choose whether to undertake training during their protected sessions at work, or to supplement this with additional training outside their contracted hours.

This is tracked in individual Employee Development Records, fed into the 1:1 and appraisal process, to ensure there is a cohesive approach for every individual.

Additional support is also provided for the nursing staff within the team in Stoke, who need to take part in and evidence continuous professional development as part of their ongoing validation.


CHS Healthcare is an accredited Living Wage employer.

The company’s chief executive, Dr Richard Newland, was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award (sustained excellence, Midlands region) in the prestigious EY Business awards, 2018.

CHS Healthcare is an accredited Working for Carers employer: recognising and supporting the needs of employees who have caring responsibilities.

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