May 8, 2018

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CHS Healthcare Is Accredited As a Living Wage Employer

CHS Healthcare has been accredited as a Living Wage Employer by the Living Wage Foundation.

The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. It is calculated according to the real costs of living. 

This commitment confirms everyone working for CHS Healthcare (direct employees and third-party contracted staff) has a minimum hourly wage of £8.75 in the UK or £10.20 in London. Both rates are significantly higher than the statutory minimum wage for people aged over 25 of £7.50 per hour, which was introduced in April 2017.

CHS Healthcare employs more than 300 people and contracts with others on a self-employed basis, such as care and support advisers and specialist nurses.

Jayne Skeates, Operations Manager who led the accreditation process, commented: “As a company working in the health and social care sector, we recognise the importance of setting a good example as a responsible employer and committing to the Living Wage.

“Low pay is a very significant problem in our sector which impacts upon the recruitment and retention of staff and consequently upon the delivery of care.

“We wanted to set the right example; to show companies can pay the Living Way even when they have contractors and even when like us, they are delivering flexible working models, such as our care advisers, who are available to work with families during evenings and weekends to support them to choose care.” 

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation said: “We welcome CHS Healthcare to the Living Wage movement as an accredited employer.

“Responsible businesses across the UK are voluntarily signing up to pay the real Living Wage now. The real Living Wage rate is annually calculated to reflect the real costs of living.”

“We are a movement of over 3700 UK employers who together want to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on. We have lots of small businesses as well as big household names like; IKEA, Aviva, Chelsea and Everton Football Clubs and many more.

“These businesses recognise that the Living Wage accreditation is the mark of a responsible employer.”

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