Driving the effective management of Personal Health Budgets in Continuing Healthcare


About this webinar

For CHS Healthcare’s final webinar of 2021 and the fourth session in our ongoing CHC webinar series, ’From recovery to integration: Developing the future of Continuing Healthcare’, we would like to invite you to join us for an installation entitled, ‘Driving the effective management of personal health budgets in Continuing Healthcare’.

Personalised care and support planning is essential to optimising an individual’s personal health budget. But with CCG’s currently behind in their delivery of PHBs, it’s critical that we identify and provide solutions to overcoming the current delay. 

Ensuring that CHC practitioners feel secure in having the competency and tools available to secure the appropriate package of care for a patient is required when efficiently managing a patient’s journey and PHB. 

Join us as we’ll be addressing the following questions:

  • How are CHC practitioners currently managing PHBs and where are we seeing issues?
  • What is needed to better support practitioners and organisations in delivering PHBs?
  • How do PHBs work for people with learning disabilities?
  • How will the shift to ICS impact PHBs?


  • TBC

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