March 23, 2020

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Simon Stevens calls for NHS to focus on discharging patients in hospital over 21 days

By Gabrielle Silver, Chief Executive

Today NHS CEO Sir Simon Stevens called for the NHS to focus on the discharge of patients who have been in hospital for over 21 days, and many of whom will be older and medically fit to leave. We welcome his focus on this issue. It is imperative at this time, as well as creating capacity at pace, insight and knowledge around local care provision is used to place older people in the very best location for their needs. Pace and quality are not at odds.

We know from experience that older people placed in the wrong care will bounce back into hospital. This would be hugely harmful exposing them to services stretched beyond capacity and infection risk. Social care has capacity and it is important that this is utilised effectively. Working with partners who have this deep knowledge and insight of local care provision will reduce the risk of readmission of older people keeping them safe and reducing unnecessary demand at this critical time.

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