Super Stranded Solution

Accelerating the best care for super stranded patients

Finding the right care for patients with complex needs is what we do best. When a discharge has become blocked, we work to unblock and resolve the issues.

Family liaison is key to supporting patients out of hospital, which is why we are based at hospitals and work evenings and weekends when we know families are available.

Trusts need to reduce the number of super stranded patients by 40% this year. CHS Healthcare works across England to support stranded and super stranded patients
out of hospital and into the most appropriate setting with the right package of support.

We support self-funding, local authority and continuing healthcare funded patients including those with very complex needs as well as mental health. We help people find placements out of their current borough; manage family choice delays; disputes with agencies and care homes; and can manage the fitting of equipment, house clearance or deep cleans.

“The CHS team knows their stuff, and they know the care homes and where the capacity is. They scoop up the families and work intensively with them. The coordinators are dedicated and get great results.”

Kirstin Macdonald,

Associate Director of ED & Medicine, Frimley Park

Our KPI is 10 DAYS from referral to discharge

Initial contact with family and patient made within 24 hours

CHS’ Super Stranded SWAT Team

Supercharge the care for super stranded patients

Introducing a dedicated service to unblock the most complex discharge cases with pace and energy

We can quickly clear a backlog in a short pulse project or work with you on a more long-term partnership

Case Study

20 stranded and super stranded patients were referred to CHS Healthcare. Patients were discharged within 7.5 days

Hillingdon closed a ward and realised significant cost-savings

Before CHS started, it was taking an average of 33 days for patients to be placed in nursing homes

The length of stay of stranded patients was reduced by 377 bed days in 2 weeks which equates to up to 24 beds saved (if achieved annually)

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