March 4, 2019

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Patient flow focus at national HSJ Summit

We are looking forward to chairing a broad and engaging session on patient flow at the forthcoming Health Service Journal Provider Summit.

The summit is widely recognised as a key national forum for discussion and collaboration, bringing together senior NHS leaders from across the country.

We will be leading a whole conference session entitled Optimising Patient Flow: presentation of three different case studies, executive-led discussion and learning.

Our session will feature three case studies from NHS services across the country, encompassing key issues including stranded and super stranded patients, joint commissioning and integration and discharge to assess.

We will chair a panel with senior figures from the three case studies, offering an opportunity for broad and open discussion and reflection.

The HSJ Provider Summit is taking place this year at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on April 10 and 11. The focus of the conference is:

Revitalising the NHS of today: Reconfiguring services and processes to develop safe, efficient and patient-centred care pathways.

Dr Gabrielle Silver, chief executive of CHS Healthcare said: “This forum is designed for really open, broad discussion at an executive level of the pressing issues and challenges for NHS providers.Up to 200 people working at leadership level across the NHS are attending.

“We are focusing on patient flow from a case study perspective so there is the opportunity to drill down into different services in different regions, share experiences and reflect.

“Case studies will encompass, although are not limited to; stranded and super stranded patients, joint commissioning and integration and pathways of discharge to assess.”

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