Webinar: Managing safe discharge and Covid-designated spaces this winter

With new government guidelines asking the NHS to ensure 14-day isolation for discharged and newly admitted patients, it is critical that this winter we are safely discharging and efficiently managing Covid-designated spaces to maintain patient flow in the community and protect patient experience. 

Join our webinar to hear about how care homes are preparing for these needs this winter and beyond. 

We’ll address key questions, including:

  • What determines safe discharge from hospital?
  • What are the risks and benefits of designated spaces?
  • How do insurance requirements impact providers’ ability to provide these spaces? 
  • How can tracking ensure designated spaces are used efficiently to maintain patient flow? 
  • How does family liaison support patient experience and how can we ensure this is delivered? 
  • What might the future look like for the community pathway as we begin to see shifts in the pandemic?


Our speakers will include:

  • Natalie-Jane Macdonald, CEO, Sunrise Senior Living Limited (UK)
  • Tina Snowdon – Area Manager (Midlands and South East England), CHS Healthcare

The session will be facilitated by Dr Gabrielle Silver, CEO of CHS Healthcare.

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