January 24, 2019

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Our continuing healthcare module commences in 2019: more than 500 people have now completed programme

This year’s programme of our nationally renowned Continuing Healthcare module commenced with sessions at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, south-west London.

The two-day module was first launched in 2015 as the first face-to-face training in CHC, encompassing the context of the framework as well as practical sessions applying its principles to practice.

It was designed and is delivered by Art Calder, head of clinical services for CHS Healthcare, recognised as one of the leading authorities in this highly specialist field.

Mr Calder has been a registered mental health nurse for 30 years, playing a key role in the development and implementation of the national framework for CHC. He has been a member of the national consultation group via the NICE Appraisal Committee and acts as one the Royal College of Nursing’s National Advisors.

The module at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability on January 10 and 11 was the 32nd course to be delivered. More than 500 people have completed the module to date, with 233 participants being either CCG or local authority practitioners, who are offered the training free of charge whenever we are delivering services for their organisations. The remaining participants have been CHS Healthcare staff and associates.

Day 1 is focused on the socio-political history and development of Continuing Healthcare in England. This includes key case law, the national framework and appreciating how they have shaped the delivery of the service. In the afternoon, participants are engaged in a full screening exercise and best practices noted across regions in England.

Day 2 has a practical focus, set in the style of a case management workshop, with complementary presentations and discussions. Participants will complete a consolidation exercise to consolidate learning from Day 1. They are guided to utilise knowledge gained from Day 1, dynamically applying to practice on Day 2.

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