June 15, 2018

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CHS chief executive invited to judge key category in Health Service Journal Awards

CHS Healthcare chief executive Dr Richard Newland has been invited to judge one of the most eagerly anticipated categories in the Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards.

Dr Newland will judge the chief executive of the year award for the 2018 HSJ awards, the most prestigious and popular showcase in the health sector.

Founding CHS Healthcare in 1995, Dr Newland has already judged previous HSJ awards, having assessed entries in the 2017 HSJ Value awards.

“I am really delighted to be involved again,” said Dr Newland. “The HSJ Awards are very well regarded and an important showcase of best practice and expertise across the whole sector.

“I am looking forward to assessing entries to the chief executive of the year category; it is a fascinating question.

“This year has been, perhaps, one of the most challenging to date and there are many individuals who are doing a fantastic job, making difficult decisions, driving change and providing the highest quality leadership.”

The idea behind the inception of CHS Healthcare came from Dr Newland’s experience as a GP working in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Families would ask for advice on important care decisions, such as choosing a care home, and Dr Newland recognised there was a lack of good information and professional advice for families in this position.

He founded CHS Healthcare with initially one member of staff. Today, CHS employs 350 people, with services commissioned throughout England.

Although the core principle of providing high quality, independent care advice remains, services have grown and diversified.

CHS Healthcare is the leading independent provider of hospital discharge services, working in-house in 30 NHS hospitals, substantially reducing choice delays by working with patients who are medically optimised for discharge but need care (in their own home or care home choice) in order to leave hospital.

Additionally, CHS manages discharge to assess pathways (all three models) in a number of areas, provides the full continuing healthcare service for three CCGs and offers the largest independent resource in continuing healthcare in the country.

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