Stephanie Harrison is the Patient Data and Management Officer, Personalised Care Team at Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group and has been using Caretrack for two years.

“I’m a great advocate for the principle that if you keep things simple, your data will be accurate. Our nurses and social workers who are the end users of Caretrack find it very easy and intuitive to use; they can do what they need to do without any problems or headaches. They are not always the most IT savvy professional groups and equally, there is no reason why they should be. We need a system that is straightforward for them to use, so they are happy and confident with it. They are inputting the majority of information onto Caretrack, so if they are using it with confidence, I can be confident about the accuracy of the data we have on the system.

The other main strength of Caretrack is the reporting capacity. From my perspective, having the ad hoc reporting function means I can extract all the information I need. I come from a performance management background and what I need is a level of complexity and ability to report in different ways. We do regular data checks and I report on the data on a weekly basis, which is straightforward for me to do.

We use Caretrack in a very specific way, to record care packages for continuing healthcare (CHC), funded nursing care (FNC) and personal health budgets (PHB) and all activity around these groups of patients.

Although no-one can say – I am 100 per cent confident in the accuracy of my data, I am as close to 100 per cent as possible. Knowing our end-users are happy and confident in Caretrackis critical; they are most active on the system and if they are happy and confident in using it, I too can be confident in the data and with the reporting capacity, I am in control of the high volume of information generated in CHC, FNC and PHB.”


To find out more about Caretrack call Wendy Hawkins on 0121 362 8844. Alternatively, watch the short Caretrack tour.

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