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We work closely with many hospital trusts and local authorities to help patients out of hospital and into the care they need.
We know that medically fit patients are waiting too long to leave hospital, but not how big of a problem this is. To further delve into this, we commissioned some new research using NHS England and NHS Improvement data.

Hundreds of thousands of patients are stranded in hospital and unable to leave

CHS Healthcare receives national coverage in The Telegraph, shining a light on the current state of affairs with super stranded patients…

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Super stranded patients across England – how are NHS trusts coping?

The NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20 asked trusts to reduce the number of super stranded patients* by 25% against a 17/18 baseline. New data from NHS England and NHS Improvement shows that almost 90 per cent of NHS trusts in England are not meeting their target.

This map allows you to see how individual trusts are performing against their targets set by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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Unlocking the back door to get patients the care they need

By Dr Gabrielle Silver
When you think of a health service at full stretch over winter you immediately imagine a Casualty-esque scene, with ambulances queuing outside…

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Finding the right care: Joyce’s story

Joyce (93) was living an independent life until on 19 April 2019, she fell at her home, and was admitted to hospital for her injuries.

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