January 30, 2016

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2015 Caretrack users’ survey shows 100 per cent satisfaction with response rate

The Caretrack Help Desk has scored a 100 per cent satisfaction rates with the speed in which queries are dealt with, results from the latest user survey show.

All clinical commissioning groups using Caretrack are invited to rate the database and the service provided by the Help Desk each year as part of the 2015 user survey.

Seventy-five per cent of users said they were “very satisfied” with the speed of dealing with queries and the remaining 25 per cent stated they were “satisfied.”

When asked to rate the service of the Caretrack Help desk overall, 14 out of 15 respondents to the survey stated they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”

In terms of the overall functionality of Caretrack, the verdict also showed 14 out of 15 stating they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied”.

The final question was about satisfaction with the suite of reports available on Caretrack. A total of 13 users responded to this question, with 11 stating they were satisfied (ranging from “very” to “somewhat”), with one giving a neutral score and one stating “somewhat dissatisfied.”

Harry Bourton, Caretrack Operations Manager, commented: “We are extremely proud of the 100 per cent satisfaction with the Help Desk response rate. That is a measure of our customer service that is hard to achieve and any organisation would be proud of.

“We are pleased with the other results in the 2015 survey and in response to the slightly more mixed reviews of the suite of reports, we have introduced a new ad hoc reporting function and are currently embarking on a training programme across the country to ensure Caretrack users are trained in this new function.

“This development – allowing users to create their own bespoke reports – was in response to a previous user survey. Continuing healthcare is a rapidly changing field and we are always committed to responding to user’s needs and developing Caretrack to meet those needs.”

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