July 27, 2018

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CHS Healthcare has been accredited as a Working for carers employer

CHS Healthcare has been accredited as a Working for carers employer, reflecting our commitment to supporting staff with carer responsibilities.

Accreditation is based on our company having clear commitments to meet the needs of our employees who are carers and creating a carer aware workplace.

“As a company working in health and social care, we felt it was imperative that we have best practice to support our own staff with caring responsibilities,” said Jayne Skeates, head of operations, who led on accreditation.

“There has been really significant progress in recent years in terms of recognising and supporting parents caring for children. Now, there is growing awareness that caring responsibilities are not limited to children; they may be older relatives, or other family members who need regular, ongoing support and depend upon the employee for this.”

The Working for Carers Charter recognises:

  • Three out of five people will be a carer at some point in their lives, many of whom need to juggle their caring responsibilities with paid employment
  • Carers are not necessarily carers by choice
  • Carers come in many guises and the difficulties they face vary hugely
  • Many people find it difficult to discuss their caring responsibilities at work
  • Carers often struggle to find time to take a break, making them more susceptible to stress and burnout

Our accreditation is based on committing to the development of policies to ensure there is a supportive, clear and consistent approach to balancing the needs of carers with the business as a whole. This means we will:

  • Spread awareness of carers across all levels of the organisation and work to remove any stigma which may be associated with the role
  • Ensure all line managers are familiar with carers’ legal rights at work and all internal policies and/or resources which may benefit them
  • Provide appropriate support, in line with individual preferences and needs
  • Not make assumptions about capability based on caring responsibilities
  • Where possible, incorporate a flexible approach to job design and workload management
  • Encourage equality and diversity in our workforce by demonstrating a positive attitude to job applicants with caring responsibilities

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